Shopping At The Dollar Store = Big Savings Essay

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To get the most for your money in a tough economy you should shop at a Dollar Store. You gain big savings when you shop at a dollar store because everything costs a dollar or less. Chances are you have been affected by the global financial crisis and are trying to find ways to save money. A dollar store is a great answer for those shallow pockets. These stores sell many different types of products for a dollar. Manufacturers and wholesalers will often discount merchandise, sell it to dollar store chains for many reasons, which have nothing to do with the value or the quality of the items. You can find cleaning products, office supplies, kitchen supplies, party supplies, toys, and much more at a dollar store. There are many different …show more content…
Most importantly, all these great finds are just a buck. Some times the quality of products found in a dollar store is not the greatest but I find the same at a regular high priced store. I buy many plastic containers to pack my husbands lunch. He microwaves many of his meals. I have found on average a plastic container with a lid will become stained and warped after fifteen to twenty rounds in a microwave oven. So why not pay $1.00 for the same result, as a higher priced item would give. I find this same issue with many other items I buy there. As the demand for dollar stores increases, it is becoming easier to find them all across the country. They usually are easy to access because they have nice big parking lots to accommodate the shoppers. People want these smaller stores because they offer the convenience that bigger stores sometimes lack. Dollar stores have rows that about 6 feet high that makes it easier to see what is in the next aisle. Perusing a dollar store can be a very therapeutic experience when you are bored. On some days when my husband gets home, I take a walk and go to the dollar store. I walk up and down the aisles with not a care in the world. I enjoy looking at all the merchandise because you never know what great item the truck brought in that morning. Children love dollar stores just as much as the adults do. On warm days, I take my 2-year-old son for walks and one of the stops we make is to the dollar

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