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Short Story " 'With this knot I seal this hex

you will not sleep, you will not rest

Knots of anger, knots of hate

Discord brings you to your fate

I tie this second knot makes two

Bringing darkness over you

Slander, discord, evil too

Bringing darkness straight to you

With this third knot, I do bind

Weaving chaos in your mind

Hex of anger, hex of hate

Bring him down, I will not wait'

So mote it be! "

Over the summer John McFadden has noticed a change in his wife. She has become more protective, thoughtful and secretive.

With a blast that shook the
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Never had she expected him do commit such a deed, especially on their anniversary. In truth he had not planned it and therefore given her no foresight into; a clever plan which he did not anticipate would turn sour.

Autumn had blended into winter, the harsh chill of the morning smote Holly's heart and she shivered, pulling her overall about her. Mr McFadden's body lay stiff, caked in grime and dirt with blood congealed around the head. The pathologist was at her wits end at two o' clock in the morning after Detective Inspector Browning had directed her to the morgue as part of an "ongoing investigation". There was no obvious cause of death: no haemmorage, brain trauma or asphyxiation and no signs of physical damage. 'This is one tough case' she thought, putting down the scalpel. No difference in the eyes, the brain looked normal and the organs were of the usual weight and content so nothing was amiss there. A wisp of hair fell accross her face and as she pushed it back into the tight bun she gasped. The teacher's body was now covered in burns and scars while veins pushed the surface of the skin, stretching it in different directions and making the body writhe.

She shut her eyes. The late nights she worked sometimes took their toll but as she opened them again, to her dismay the illusion was still

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