Simulations: A Consumer Advocate, A First Term President Essay

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You Are A Consumer Advocate
I did very well in this simulation considering I knew very little about what a consumer advocate did on a daily basis going into the simulation. Even though I did very well, I still did the worst on this simulation. Many times the answer would have been much easier if I had known what a consumer advocate did before starting the simulation. My results were five out six challenges correct. The only challenge I was incorrect on was the first. I believe the reason I missed the first one was because I was unfamiliar with what consumer advocate's do. I quickly figured out exactly what a consumer advocate does which helped me the remainder of the simulation.
Since I learned the most from this
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In the first challenge, it is asking you to decide who should draft your bill. I knew the correct answer was an interest group that supported my cause because the book mentions that interest groups draft bills often (381). Interest groups was the correct choice because they tend to be very passionate about whatever they are involved in. The answer to the second challenge was also found in the book. In the book it says, “only members of the House or Senate can formally submit a bill” (381). If you knew this before answering the second challenge then the challenge was easy. I could not find anything in the book that was similar to the third challenge. The fourth and sixth challenge were similar in my opinion. I had to choose whether to make a compromise or not. Compromise is not an easy thing to deal with. The book mentions that compromise has been getting harder to reach over the past several years (386). I believe this was shown in these two challenges because I had to make a decision on whether to let something go or to fight it. I did not really find anything very similar to the fifth challenge, but it did briefly mention the resources the President has to influence Congress (383). Of course I was not the President in this simulation, but it still helped me understand how resources are used to influence Congress.
You Are A First-Term President
I had really looked forward to the You

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