Essay about Size Six: The Western Women’s Harem by Fatema Mernissi

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A lady is an object, one which men attempt to dominate. A man craves to get a hold of this being beneath his command, and forever have her at his disposal. In her piece “Size Six: The Western Women’s Harem,” published in 2002, Fatema Mernissi illustrates how Eastern and Western women are subjugated by the control of men. Mernissi argues that though she may have derived from a society where a woman has to cover her face, a Western woman has to face daily atrocities far worse then ones an Eastern woman will encounter. Moreover, Mernissi’s core dogma in “Size 6: The Western Women's Harem” is that Western women are not more fortunate than women raised into harems in other societies. Additionally, she asserts that though women in the Western …show more content…
“To be beautiful, women have to appear childish and brainless. When a woman looks mature and self-assertive, or allows her hips to expand, she is condemned as ugly” (255). By utilizing the teachings of a well-known philosopher such as Kant, and relating them to Western men, Mernissi not only supports her core notion but also makes herself seem more knowledgeable about the subject of which is speaking of. Additionally, this plays into her credibility, by informing her wavering audience that Mernissi is both adept and reliable when concerning her topic.
Mernissi makes use of the logical appeal to draw deductions from evidence and/or good judgment. She starts by revealing the fact of how women are shown how they are meant to look from youth, thus forming an ideal image of beauty within one’s head. “The Western man uses images and spotlights to freeze female beauty within an idealized childhood, and forces women to perceive aging—that normal unfolding of years—as a shameful devaluation” (255). Moreover, the author supports her thesis by enlightening how an Eastern woman can elude her quandary since it is evident to society, whereas in Western culture, the violence is on a psychosomatic echelon, as men reduce women, unbeknownst to them or humanity. By appealing to one’s reasoning, Mernissi is able to defend her position on how Western women are not as well-off as they appear to be, and how in reality they are

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