Essay Smoking: Good For The Economy?

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Smoking, when one hears it they automatically thing death, but imagine being in a world where smoking was actually good for the economy. What would the person's expression be like? Smoking is one of the most harmful killers in the United States, but can it be good for the economy? Well as matter of fact, it may be unbelievable to some, but smoking is actually very good for the economy. Many studies have shown different types of facts of how smoking is erroneous to the economy, but recent studies have shown that the more people smoke, the sooner they will more than likely pass away. By people passing away this makes the United States have to pay less money. Research has shown that there would then be reduced costs for Social Security, …show more content…
This could actually be translated into $1,227 saved for each premature death caused from smoking (Smoking is Good for). In addition, the tobacco industry is a very large industry. In fact, the largest producer of tobacco and tobacco products is actually in the United States (Smoking is Good for). Since the industry is so large, it also provides an extensive amount of jobs. With the tobacco industry being a great "money maker", businesses make an abundance of money just by advertising tobacco products. Also not only do they make and abundance amount of money by advertising the tobacco products, but businesses also make a bunch of money by advertising anti-tobacco messages (Smoking is Good for). The tobacco industry is a great industry and it will, in my opinion keep growing in the future. Another item that helps make cigarettes great for the economy is the taxing on them. The taxing on all of the cigarettes help make the United States a great amount of money. For example, New York is among one of the highest cigarette taxes in the country (The Cultural and Economic). With this happening, New York is setting a great example for people to see how smoking is actually helping the economy; by showing their taxes on cigarettes are higher than almost anyone in

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