Social Breach Essay

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When going to Wal-Mart, the average shopper has only one intention: going in and coming out as soon as possible. They may stop and chat with a friend they see, but they never do anything out of the ordinary. Throughout the roaming shoppers, I, equipped with a net, bug kit, and safari outfit, set out on the dangerous task of breaking that social norm. The norm I broke with my social experiment was the unspoken social rule that says you are not to draw attention to yourself in a negative way, especially in public. This includes, but is not limited to, actions and dress. As a way to break this social norm, I dressed in a stereotypical “safari” outfit. The outfit consisted of a khaki hat, button down shirt, shorts, and rain boots. …show more content…
Throughout the toy section, the most occurring reactions were the aversion of eyes or a smirk. After leaving the toy section, I went to the food section, where most of the population of Stillwater was shopping. This only made my nerves worse, even though I had performed my experiment several times only a minute before. As I hunted up and down the aisles for my imaginary bug, I received many reactions. One middle-aged male asked me, “Did you get it?” I was taken aback by his question and could only reply with “Yeah! Thanks!” That very reaction happened a few more times and I replied with the same “Yeah! Thanks!” though I probably should have come up with something cleverer. One of my favorite reactions was that of a middle-aged couple. As I stalked by, hunting for my next imaginary prey, they began arguing over whether or not there was a bird in Wal-Mart and if I was trying to catch it or not. The one arguing for the bird turns to the other and says, “You’re stupid, there was definitely a bird.” This is understandable in that there are birds in the store, but there were not any in the general vicinity, and my net was obviously not of quality enough to catch a bird. At the same time that the arguing was occurring, I was about six feet away from a man when I began trying to catch prey again. He moved from one side of the aisle to the other side, to better

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