Social Work and the Military Essay

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Social Work and the Military

Social workers in all branches of the military are helping families and military personnel prepare for, and cope with, the hardships of war. They do so through a range of preventive and clinical services provided by the Veteran Administration with many different types of programs, including family-support and mental-health counseling. The mission statement of the VA Social Workers is to eliminate significant barriers to clients in need and offer interventions for veterans and families. It is accomplished by developing and maintaining integrated, in-depth programs in patient care, research, and education.

When men and women are off to war, or serving the United States Military somewhere out in the
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For some clients, social workers arrange for medical or psychiatric tests. War and military life is tough on everyone within a family unit. Medical tests help show disabilities that a person might have on the outside, while psychological tests can help show damages that are kept inside of a person. The more information that is known, the better the chance there is of finding a plan of action to help a client in need. Information is provided by a series of interviews given by the social worker, and is used to determine the clients and families needs. Now, the social worker will use all of this information provided, and write an assessment that will help the client and VA health care team make treatment plans.

The next step for a social worker in the VA is to prepare a treatment plan. Social workers and clients discuss specific needs and work together in implementing goals that both the client and social worker work together in accomplishing. To monitor the progress in reaching the set goals, scheduled meetings are used to talk with and counsel clients. This is referred to as the intervention stage of engaging the client. Both, the client and the social worker have to work very hard at accomplishing the goals set for the in the contract. Through discussion, if it is realized

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