Essay about Socioeconomic Status can Limit Access to Healthcare

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Socioeconomic status can limit access to healthcare in many ways. Several Americans do not have the means to receive healthcare although it’s readily available to the entire population. A person’s social status, urban community and financial background can all have an impact as to how access to healthcare is achieved. While there are many factors that limit access to healthcare, I discuss how these particular factors play a role with accessing healthcare services. Why do low income individuals tend to have high risk factors that result in poor health outcomes? What are some of the factors that determine better health outcomes? These are some of the questions that come up when trying to understand the influence of health outcomes. An …show more content…
Ideally, everyone needs to make decisions that will better their health. They need to become educated and find ways to maximize their pursuit of health.
How urban communities’ limit access to healthcare? Individuals that live in urban communities are less likely to receive healthcare services because of the lack of physicians practicing in those communities. Also, urban communities lack facilities to assist individuals with obtaining care. Healthcare choices are usually poor in these communities because individuals do not see a reason to sustain healthcare until it’s an immediate need .These individuals often receive poor quality health services when they do receive healthcare. This makes it more prone to using emergency rooms for immediate care if so needed. Additionally, urban communities have a variety of factors that limit access to healthcare services including higher crime rates, drug usage, violence and other high risk behaviors. Individuals in urban communities have limited access to healthcare due to a variety of reasons including lack of health insurance, lack of transportation, racial backgrounds, etc. The high occurrence of individuals without health insurance generates an affliction on available healthcare systems. This can lead to vast disparities in health care outcomes.
How financial status limits

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