Solving the Foreclosure Crisis Essay

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You want to fix the foreclosure problem? People need money to pay their mortgage bills. They need jobs. Unfortunately businesses aren’t interested in hiring right now because the economy isn’t good. But the economy won’t get better until people spend money, and they can’t spend money unless they’re making it. People can only make money by working at a business. It’s a self-defeating cycle. That’s why the government has got to step in and help out.
First you need a major ad campaign. Major. Because America needs bigger and better social programs, and a lot of really confused people are labeling that kind of thing as “communist”. You have to regain the initiative. Show people what needs to be done and how it is going to fix things and why
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Someone’s got to house and feed all the workers. Then of course the tourist trade revenue starts up and Bob’s your uncle. Kind of like how Roswell ran with the UFO thing.
Pay teachers more. Not the superintendents, the teachers. This will help with crime also, indirectly. Like the economy problem, it’s a self-defeating policy. Take California; you cut funding for education to build prisons, teachers get fired and/or crummy ones get hired on for cheap, fewer kids are inspired or likely to complete their education, thus breeding a group of people without much of a future, crime rate goes up, you point the finger at schools and cut their funding again so you can build more prisons to house the new criminals. Seeing a pattern here?
And when people are better educated, there’s a better chance they’ll make more informed decisions about what homes they can afford –and that they’ll have (through better jobs) the money to make payments on them.
Legalize marijuana. I don’t smoke it and never will but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that it sure as heck doesn’t do as much harm as alcohol and fighting a war against it is pointless and prohibitively expensive. I don’t care if legalizing the stuff makes all the pro-“war on drugs” people look like stupid hypocrites. You can tax it if it’s a legit product and the country needs that money. What the country

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