Essay about Swimming on Chincoteague’s Beach

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It is 9 A.M and I am 32,000 feet above the ground on my way to Chincoteague Island, Virginia. Chincoteague is by the Chesapeake Bay which empties into the Atlantic Ocean. I am exhausted from getting up at 5:30 so that we could be at the airport three hours early so that we could get through security. I have flown many times but after 9/11 it has been become more and more difficult to fly. My grandma is on my right reading her love novel and her friend Deloris is on my left falling in and out of sleep. I’m in the middle trying to sleep but am having a difficult time thanks to the two year old sitting behind me kicking my chair and screaming. I cannot wait to get off this plane; I can smell the germs floating around in the small, congested …show more content…
That was enough excitement for me that day so we decided to leave. The following day I decided to spend time with my grandma. After all she is the one that brought me here. Since my grandma is afraid of the water we decide to take a walk along the beach to see what we could find. She would walk along the edge of the water and then run screaming when a wave would touch her. We had many good laughs talking. She told me all sorts of stories about my mom when she was my age and how I was so much like her. We walked and talked for over two hours looking for seashells. It was a great bonding time. We came later in the summer the shells were pretty picked over by other tourist and a lot were broken due to people walking on them. However, while I was walking along I found a fully intact sand dollar; I was so excited! Sadly on our plane ride home it had got broke due my baggage getting thrown around. While leaving the beach that day we found one of Chincoteague’s famous wild ponies. My blood was pumping, I couldn’t hide my excitement. This is what I wanted to see more than anything on this trip. I am a huge horse lover. This pony was walking around eating swamp grass. I rushed out of the car to get a closer picture. My grandma was yelling at me not to get to close because it is a wild animal. I could see her getting more and more anxious the closer I got. I couldn’t help myself, I had to touch it. I slowly crept up to her with my heart about ready to pound out of

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