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Chapter 2: Tales by the fire. From the hilltop we could see the returning forces of lord Albrecht. He was the Governor of the frontier lands East of Luna-Mar. His forces had been battling a raging gang of frontiersmen rebelling – because the Lord had cut off the flow of wine, beer and spirits. The gang had grown into an angry mob of sober drunkards. Quickly, they turned into rebellious brother-hood; gathering strength each day they went unchallenged. Finally the lord had to much. He ordered his calvary and armored knights to deal with this mob – as enemies of the state.
The mob did not stand much a chance against charging calvary. The knights had to make a point. They would occupy many of the rebel villages. They would only stop
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The few tribes that understand the world of politics, know we try to do our best. We are not perfect, but we do know the difference between right and wrong. We try not to be vigilantes, though sometimes we have no choice in the face of true evil. We do what must be done to persevere the peace in the frontier.
This is the frontier land. Few laws last long out here. The lord only inspects his land a few times a year. He relies on us to be his eyes and ears. Over the last few months I had been noticing that more and more drunkards – had been sleeping in the dirt roads between villages. The drunkards formed road gangs to rob travelers for money to support their habits.
Many of the sheriffs had been reporting this all over the frontier. My partner Nathan and I had been out in the deep frontier hunting an elusive beast that had been praying on the savage tribes. This beast was known as a Quintigo. This beast is a cross between a bear and a Tiger. It has a mean streak a mile long. This beast has killed dozens of tribesmen in the foothills near near the Malta pass. This was far from our jurisdiction, but the tribes had called us by name to hunt this beast. Nathan had hunted and killed one of these beasts two years ago. He and I where sort of a legends in frontier. Gaining any kind of respect among the tribes was a very difficult thing. Killing this beast had secured him trust.
Three weeks ago we where out tracking this beast. We ran across a hunting

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