Technology Equals Student Success Essay

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Technology Equals Student Success In the past a typical classroom was completely teacher-directed and contained the usual materials consisting of a chalkboard, textbooks, pencil, and paper. However, over the past decade that has drastically changed. Now days, most classrooms are equipped with multiple computers, projectors, ActiveBoards, document cameras, and teachers have access to mobile labs, iPads, and much more. Technology, which was once thought to make teaching easier for teachers, is now being used primarily by students as a way to increase their level of achievement. Research has shown, “the power of simultaneous, multiple modes of input to gain and hold a person's attention and to improve memory”, which is exactly where …show more content…
The use of speech recognition software has been proven to improve users’ literacy skills. Both text-to-speech and speech recognition software can be used in computer-based graphic organizers. In a study by Sturm & Rankin-Erickson in 2002, students, including both students with and without disabilities, who used computer-based graphic organizers, “produced more sophisticated, complete essays and had a more positive attitude toward the writing process” (Silver-Pacuilla & Fleischman, 2006). Another important effect of technology on student learning is its ability to allow students the opportunity to learn when and where they want to learn. One particular technology-centered instructional practice that worked for one 5th grade class in Georgia was blogging. The teacher used her professional blog to create a blogging community of retired teachers, university students, other blogging students, parents, and community members who could respond to her students’ posts which was intended to improve their reading, writing, and communication skills. Members of the blogging community posed questions to students, pointed out grammatical and spelling errors, and introduced the students to new vocabulary, which taught the students that sentence structure, grammar, etc. was not just something that were required to learn in school but things that were necessary for effective communication (Davis,

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