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Tecumseh Tecumseh was born on March 9, 1768 near the Shawnee village near what is now Oldtown, Ohio. He was born to a Shawnee war chief, Pucksinwah, and his wife, Methotasa. According to Shawnee legend, a shooting star the natives called “The Panther” crossed at the same exact time as Tecumseh was born. His unsoma, or personal symbol, and his name were therefore ordained: Tecumseh, “the Panther Passing Across”.

Little is known about the childhood of Tecumseh. He had an older brother, Chiksika, an older sister, Tecumapese and 3 younger brothers (triplets). His father died during the Battle of Point Pleasant in 1774. Before his father died, he made Tecumseh’s eldest brother promise that he would never make peace with the white
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Many Shawnees were deeply disturbed by the idea of a long war. Among those disturbed was his mother. She accompanied those Shawnees who also were disturbed and migrated to Missouri in 1779. Tecumseh and his siblings chose to stay with the rest of the Shawnees and battle for their land, in respect of their dead father’s wishes. Tecumseh, was only 11 years old, was raised by his sister, who married a respected warrior ‘Wasegoboah’.

Shortly after his mother’s departure, a Kentucky militia attacked the village of Chillicothe, home of Black Fish. That day, even though the Shawnees won, Black Fish received severe wounds and died later that week. The death left the young Tecumseh in grief but not left with a lack of hope. He became skilled with both the musket and bow and arrow and later accompanied his older brother on a series of raids against frontier settlements in Kentucky and Tennessee in the late 1780s.

By 1800 Tecumseh had emerged as a prominent war chief. He led a band of militant, younger warriors and their families located at a village on the White River in Central-East Indiana. There in 1805 Lalawethika, one of Tecumseh's younger brothers, experienced a series of visions. The visions transformed him into an important religious leader. He then took on the name Tenskwatawa, or "The Open Door”. His visions gave religious salvation to the Shawnee people.

Tecumseh seemed reluctant to accept his brother's teachings until June 16,

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