Essay on Tender is the Night Book Response

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Fitzgerald accommodates various central themes throughout his novel Tender is the Night. In the novel we witness one of the main characters, Dick, regress from being a man of great social stature who is portrayed as an exalted person whom we idolize as a reader, to a man who loses everything and has his life decimated by the end of the novel. This constructs one of the foremost themes of the novel, Dick’s transformation over the course of time. Additionally we see many people for the duration of the novel who have thoughts of affairs, actually carry out affairs, and those who just have abounding thoughts of affection for members of the opposite sex. Rosemary acquires fondness for many different men. Dick actually has an affair with …show more content…
In the beginning of the novel Dick entertains people and brings them much happiness but, towards the end, Dick himself reveals the fact that he now emerges as a “Black Death” and that he does not “seem to bring people happiness any more” (219). Moreover, Dick also seems to be losing his mind by the end of the novel, in all probability because of dealing with mental patients all his life as well as being married to one. This is affirmed when he goes to jail because of the fight he is involved in with an officer. He says when he is in jail that he wants to explain “how [he] raped a five-year-old girl” (235). Dick again brings to light that he is “not much like [himself] any more” (260) and Nicole believes that she has “ruined [him]” (267). It is even divulged that “everything [Dick] did annoyed [Nicole] now” (285). On top of all this it is revealed that Dick recurrently enjoys “a drink when it is not the moment to have one” (256). Dick has considerably changed throughout the course of the novel. The theme of affairs and acquiring affection for other people seems to be a pandemic among the characters of this novel. When Rosemary meets Earl Brady it is asserted that he “desired her” and that “so far as her virginal emotions went, she contemplated a surrender equanimity” even though she knew “she would forget him half an hour after she left him” (24). These types of feelings are a recurring emotion for Rosemary through the whole of the novel. She is oftentimes

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