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This guide is designed to walk you step by step through the process of calculating the organizational need component of the retention score. The form you will use will provide the other sub-scores and total the final retention score so you can determine who will be retained and who will be designated for layoff. Human Resources is available to help you, so don’t hesitate to contact Jack Loring at 44726, Jim Valliere at 45476, Joni Valliere at 43228, Chester Johnson at 45070, Laura Berkowitz at 44835, or Gene Pressoir at 44755 if you have any questions.

1. Establish how your organization will look in the future. Identify the functions, job classifications and positions you will need to keep for your future needs. Remember, you are
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Consider it pass/fail and only candidates who possess the certification will be considered.

B. Competencies from new Performance Evaluation System:
• Include a minimum of 2 from the drop down box on the form. Field and Office Staff have 11 competency choices, and Management Staff and Professional Staff have 13 choices.
• The weight of each requirement can range from 0.5 to 4 points
• Choose the competencies that are most critical to a particular position.

C. You may add up to 3 other optional technical skills, competencies from the drop down box, or a combination of both. You must have at least 7 technical and competency items and the total weights must equal 10.

6. Decide which employees must be considered for the position to be retained.
• You must include every employee who currently encumbers a position in that job classification and employees at higher job classifications designated for layoffs who previously held that job classification.
• Unlike last year, ONLY classified employees who previously held the lower job classification are eligible to be bumped downward. HR can verify what classifications someone previously successfully encumbered.
• To expedite the process, fax all inquiries about previous positions to 453-3638. HR staff will get back to the director at the phone number he/she

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