Essay about Texting While Driving

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Texting While Driving While there are many causes of deaths in the United States, a huge epidemic that concerns officials more and more is the amount of deaths occurring because of texting while driving. Texting and driving can kill in split seconds—just the amount of time it takes to send a “quick” text message. The U.S. Government should ban texting while driving in all fifty states. For the reasons being that cell phones cause many distractions, there are numerous amounts of risks while texting behind the wheel and it slows down your reaction time. Driving is a serious matter that requires our full attention at all times. Anyone who believes they are mature enough to take on the privilege of operating a vehicle must be responsible …show more content…
A visual distraction is anything that takes your eyes off the road. While driving we are constantly being side tracked by signs and advertisements we see all over the place from the newest restaurants opening, to the $100 billion Powerball billboards on the highway, the last thing you need to be doing is trying to reply to a text while paying attention to all of these catchy signs. Cognitive distractors are anything that takes your mind off the road like engaging in a conversation via text or talking on the phone, or trying to operate your navigating system while en route. The National Safety Council states, “Drivers talking on cell phones miss half of the information in their driving environment” (National Safety Council) which causes people to become unaware of their surroundings. And lastly, manual distractions which are any distractors causing you to take your hands off the wheel such as reaching for your phone to send that quick text.
By taking the chance of sending that quick text, you are not only endangering yourself, but many other drivers and pedestrians as well. Innocent people’s lives are being taken every day due to a simple distraction that can easily be avoided. The National Safety Council states that car crashes are four times more common to take place while the driver is on their mobile device over any other causes (National Distracted Driving 1). Many driver’s young or old do not seem to realize how careless they can be

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