Essay about The Art of Criticism

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Plato’s republic is based, largely, on order and responsibility. The only morality in this society deals with the relative functions of the members of said society. For example: A man kills another man. Why is this a bad thing? In most societies, this would be considered bad or wrong because the societal morals dictate that one’s life is sacred and one’s body is one’s own etc etc etc. In Plato’s republic, the only reason people (namely, Plato) would be against a murder, is because, once a man has lost his life, he will no longer be able to function according to the provenance of the governing bodies. Despite the fundamental difference in moral purpose, however, morals do indeed play a prominent role in the republic. Consider the republic …show more content…
The problem with this however, is that, firstly, art is subjective. You cannot properly censor something that is based, at least partially in the minds of the beholders. Another problem is that censoring specific concepts in art is somewhat akin to trying to censor specific ideas. It is simply not possible, as the ideas are spontaneous and individual. The third problem is that if you hide such negativity from children and they get the urge to commit one of these acts or concepts unto themselves, without having been shown a system of values (ie bad foiling good) then they will not make a distinction and will simply do it not knowing any better. The initial problem with the censorship of art, however, is that art is, in fact, completely subjective. One person’s opinion of a given work will differ greatly from the next. The point in question here, is not whether art is good. The point that needs to be dealt with, at least as far as Plato is concerned, is whether or not art has a negative (or enticing) effect on the general population. Given the fact that the effect of art differs so drastically from one person to the next, censorship of a given work will be next to useless. Also, because only certain works are censored, censorship becomes even more useless. The fact of the matter is, it is not the art that is perverse, it is the humans. Saying this, it becomes

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