The Bull Market of Television and Bear Market Of Responsibility

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The Bull Market of Television and Bear Market Of Responsibility

The inanimate, lifeless object consists of 10 feet of copper wiring, a hardwired main board, thousands of electrical switches and receivers, all compactly encased in 25 pounds of hardened plastic. This plastic box occupies minimal space, requires electrical energy just greater than a toaster, and can be purchased anywhere in America for under $100. It is more accessible, prevalent, and influential than any other person, place, event, or thing this world has every seen; and to many it acts as the present day Hitler carrying out genocide on America’s value system, societal fabric, and treasured democracy. Parent groups, conservative parties, and Christian coalitions
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Former dean of Yale University Robert M. Hutchins summed up the role of television quite accurately by saying,” We can put television in its proper light by supposing that Gutenberg’s great invention had been directed at printing only comic books”(Bartleby). Critics and society need to realize that television exists not as a national park dedicated as a tribute and lamp stand of culture and principle but as a money making machine; a commodity no different than pork bellies or cotton. A show gets televised simply because it sells to the public (Cottle 127). The success of a violent, sexual, graphic television show does not stand as a reason for society’s demise but rather as a testimony of society’s demise. Clive Barnes, a journalist and critic for the New York Post, argues this point by saying,” Television is the first truly democratic culture—the first culture available to everyone and entirely governed by what the people want. The most terrifying thing is what people do want”(Bartleby). Television cannot be viewed as a nebulous “Jabberwocky” corrupting American families and loved ones but a creation by the corruption of the general public and the choices society makes. Like any other product catered to the American public, television shows can be refused and even substituted. In capitalistic America, there exist many manufactured items that

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