Essay about The Carb-Cutting Atkins Diet

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The Carb-Cutting Atkins Diet

America is getting fatter. Recent statistics have shown large leaps in percentage the overweight in our country. As the obesity epidemic continues to grow, companies and nutritionists around the country work at a fanatical pace to develop new techniques which they claim can help prevent the emergence of an overweight America. Often, these techniques include diets – ranging from the highly sensible to the highly controversial. One such meal plan, which has recently been in the center stage of the media, is the carb-cutting Atkins Diet. Started in 1972 by the late Dr. Atkins, the diet of his namesake has had books, TV programs and even energy bars dedicated to it. One of these bars, the
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This low level will then trigger a craving for more carbohydrates in the dieters, forming a vicious cycle.
Therefore, Atkins dieters almost completely eliminate their carbohydrate intakes, taking more protein and fat to offset this loss. The Atkins
Advantage® bar is no exception to this rule, almost completely eliminating carbohydrates and leaving a scant 2.9 grams of complex sugar. The developers of this bar claim that the lower carbohydrate content will lead to a lower blood sugar level, which will in turn, prevent the increase in insulin levels throughout the body. One must wonder though, if the claims are indeed true. Recent tests seem to support at least some of this.

After several tests and studies, scientists are able to say with relative confidence that the Atkins bar actually does reduce blood sugar levels.
Recent studies have found that foods low in carbohydrates do, in fact, lead to lower levels of blood sugar. Trials that compare blood sugar levels of dieters who ate a piece of white bread, versus those who ate a single
Atkins Advantage® bar supported this. In the experiment, white bread consumers had much higher levels of blood sugar than Atkins bar consumers did after a 30-minute waiting period. Because white bread is composed largely of carbohydrates, it would appear quite reasonable for blood sugar levels to rise. In addition, further tests with other

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