The Correlation Between Laws and People Essay

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“The law is more than just a set of principles” that is what the professor in the film Talk of the town claims. This is a valid point that both supports the legal connotations of my case and stirs another rather provocative question. Can one simply ban a member of society from use of there restaurant merely because of the color of their skin, without as much as a kind hello? One would think that it is possible to do so since the owner has complete control of the housing and indeed pays the bills to keep the establishment from foreclosure. But isn’t it written in the constitution by our founding fathers that we as both citizens and human beings are entitled to general rights to enjoy a harmless lunch at a local restaurant, without …show more content…
You can not assume that justice is continually conducted while the citizens of the United States sleep, one has to rise to the occasion and say “hey that man is not guilty for committing arson he was framed by a fellow American citizen!” Sometimes it is better to extract the truth from your heart rather than speak verbatim what the law states and what is traditionally acceptable in everyday society. For example, if Robert Mack Bell had not been a part of the rampant and wide spread “sit in movement” primarily in the North and the masses of black citizens did not cry out in rebuttal, then would or nation continue to accept the Jim Crow laws as something that will be evenhanded and common place even at the turn of the 19th century? What about Rosa Parks for instance, a black woman who decided that she wanted to have a seat at the front of the bus with the white folks instead of her usual place at the back with the black folks. Would her voice in society allow her to be a stoic figure in society and shed light on “Black Condition” in America? Doubtful. But I would say her actions and acumen were a better assessment of her character and how she would later become an iconic figure for black people who were afraid to protest against the biased government with there heads held

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