The Development of Rugby Essay

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The Development of Rugby In 2003 when England won the World cup all of a sudden thousands of kids wanted to pick up rugby balls and become the ‘next Jonny Wilkinson’ since then the RFU has taken various methods to try and encourage children to take up rugby.

Nationally there is the Zurich Premier League, these are the twelve best teams in the country and compete for honours at home and abroad. Then there is division 1, division 2, division 3 north, and division 3 south. In the division 3 the players are semi-pro; this is also likely to be the case in division 2. There are then regional leagues such as London north 1, London north 2, and London north 3. In the Zurich Premier
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The projects are putting down artificial pitches and improvements in existing playing surfaces providing lighting for first team and training pitches to enable more people from communities to take part in the game. An example of this where this money has helped, is Ealing Rugby club in Middlesex. Through this money they have been able to build a whole new sports complex.

At Grassroots in North London there are various teams available to join and play mini rugby. Saracens, who have a gym, and 4 pitches of a good standard. Harrow, there are two pitches. Barnet have just 3 pitches all of to a reasonable standard, Finchley, have just two pitches, both are waterlogged easily and drastically need improvements. Around the rest of Middlesex there is, Ruislip, Wasps, Staines, Ealing, London Welsh. All have good facilities and a good level of coaching. All the teams, in Middlesex have teams based on the system described below.

Grassroots rugby starts at the under 7’s level and both boys and girls play together. This is known as mini rugby. At this age they start touch, or tag, rugby. This continues until they reach the under 9 level where contact is introduced. There is only 9 people each side and the scrums are uncontested. When they reach the under 11s it turns in to midi rugby, where it is 12 a side, as the full backs and second rows

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