The Distinctive Voice of Zora Neale Hurston Essay

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The Distinctive Voice of Zora Neale Hurston
"It's thrilling to think- to know that for any act of mine, I shall get twice as much praise or twice as much blame"(Hurston 2). Zora Neale Hurston has a remarkably positive but realistic outlook on the duality of the African American female. She understands and therefore is aware that the African American female is greatly magnified in the blurred eyes of the white male world that distorts all of her achievements and shortcomings. Hurston was caught between the emphasis on the exotic aspects of the Harlem Renaissance and the angry voice of black literature during the 1940's and 1950's. During the Harlem Renaissance, Hurston decreased those
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It cannot be denied that her work becoming a classroom favorite shows the respect due to her literature's exploration of universal themes with obvious philosophical and social significance.
Hurston's view of individuals at all levels of society allowed various audiences to relate to her literature. Her work is powerful because it works to bring about social change through learning and understanding. She does not focus on one specific group of people. For example, Her education allowed her to go beyond boundaries and relate to everyone, despite their differences, as human beings. Hurston's preoccupation with protesting societal inequalities and admonished to preserve the traditions of African Americans suggests she wrote for culturally different audiences. Hurston has been severely criticized for not making race and the plight of blacks more centralized in her work. Yet she writes almost exclusively about blacks. Hurston personally progressed beyond bitterness, as seems clear from the last line of her autobiography, Dust Tracks on a Road: "I have no race prejudice of any kind. My kinfolks, and my 'skin folks' are dearly loved…But I see their same virtues and vices everywhere I look. So I give you all my right hand of fellowship and love, and hope for the same from you. In my eyesight, you lose nothing by not looking just like me." Through her

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