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Literature is a cultural construct and provides us with valuable insights into the development of Societies. It helps psychological understanding and reformations of espistemological constructs. Literature in itself is a rich source material for interpreting the past. Women’s writings focus attention on the manifestation of female sensibility, feminine reality and on its significance as a means of bringing about an awareness of this reality. Feminism being an important movement in the modern world, a woman’s place, position and especially the quest for her identity and importance, are not duly recognized. Gynocentricism provides the platform to delve deep into the obstacles faced by women.
Gynocentrism is derived from the Greek word gyno,
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History must include an account of the female experience over time and should the development of women’s past. This is the primary task of women’s history. The central question it raises is: What would history be like if it would be seen through the eyes of women and ordered by values they define? [15]

This question is suitably and duly answered by the feminist novelist Margaret Laurence in her novel The Diviners. Margaret Laurence’s The Diviners is a feminist text which critiques in the patriarchal orthodoxy. In the literary history the women is seen as inferior and the gynocentricism is suppressed and oppressed by men.
The Diviners is a powerful story of female protagonist by name Morag Gunn through which the author espouses a broadly feminist position. The novel proves a tool for Laurence to communicate Morag’s pain and to convey her passionate belief that sexism lies in at the heart of women’s oppression. Morag is a strong character in the novel. This is evident even at a very early age, when a boy teases her, she fights with him. She says,
The best way is to knee them in balls. They double over, scream, and chicken out. Hardly any boys ever tease her these days. [70]
Morag Gunn never allowed any male to dominate her at any time of her life, including

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