The Downside of Genetically Modified Organisms Essay

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Although having seeds that can thrive in extreme environments may sound like a good idea, the side effects may change one’s opinion. GMO’s aren’t as good as they seem because they may contain a high level of allergens, they have killed and deformed some test subjects, and they haven’t had as strict tests as they should. Because these products do not have a designated label explaining what they contain, a high level of allergens can cause serious problems with some people when they ingest them unknowingly. Many problems have been reported when scientists test these genetically modified foods on animals; everything from death to disfiguration was reported. Lastly, these products have few reports of testing and when tested, they’re tested as …show more content…
Humans and animals are allergic to the changes in the proteins and allergens are the changed proteins.
Since the advent of the genetically modified organism for human consumption, many mishaps have occurred. Many of these mishaps are coming about during the testing of animals of different species. On case of problems arose in India. This case was about how many livestock animals were eating Bt cotton plants and dying. Bt stands for Bacillus thuringiensis and a new commonly used as a pesticide on many crops (Crenshaw). The pesticide was a change in the food that their bodies couldn’t handle and became very deadly. Animals of all sizes began to change genetically after being exposed to the new organisms. Rats and mice were shown to have a decrease in the size of their offspring after feeding off of the GMO’s. Not only were many of the offspring deformed and smaller, they also were being born into smaller litters. Of these litters, many of the new-born animals would die off in the first three weeks. Of the surviving young, the third generation of these animals would lose the ability to produce offspring. The scientists concluded that all of these defects could be led back to the toxicity of the GMO’s (Smith). The dangers do not stop at the fact of the allergens and the bacteria, the risks increase when the products are not labeled or tested properly. It can be hard for the general public to be protected from the dangers of these products if

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