The Dress Lodger, by Sheri Holman Essay

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The Dress Lodger, by Sheri Holman, is a novel that express the connection between poverty and illness, and how poverty and illness impacted a 15 years old girl named Gustine and her fragile baby boy. Holman attempts to use different writing styles into developing the novel based on poverty and illness in the old periods of time. As Holman started to do that through out the novel, it allowed me as a reader to see the different writing style that would impact the way of me responding to the novel itself. Yet, the more Intersting part of my journey through the novel was seeing Holman's writing style from my classmates' perspective. When asked, " How does the author's writing style impact your response tot he novel?" Serval different points …show more content…
Therefore, Sheri Holman challenged my response to the novel by not revealing the narrators until the very end of the novel, and at the end she reveals that the narrators were the dead people at the trinity pit. Secondly, Holman challenged my response towards some of the characters from the novel. The Dress Lodger novel had strange and true characters. In this novel, Gustine is a 15 years old prostitute who rents a room and a fraying but elegant rube. There was a landlord who takes all her earning to keep her from hiding the money or stealing the dress. He made an elderly woman, "the Eye", follows her every where she goes. After that, Gustine had hope after meeting Dr. Henry Chiver, a prisoner of his own dark past. In the beginning of the novel Holmen made me think that "the Eye" was the antagonist, but the end she revealed that "the Eye" is also a victim of herself. It was a biggest twist at the end of the novel. Also, in the beginning of the novel Dr.Henry was introduce as a doctor who was going to help Gustine baby get cure, but he was too selfish that he wanted to use the baby for his science experiment and to gain science knowledge from it. Also, Henry likes to experiment with human bodies. There fore, Holman challenged my thoughts about the characters throughout the whole novel. Thirdly, Holman challenged my response towards

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