Essay on The Effects of Education on Fiscal Responsibility

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The world is recovering from financial crisis that started in 2007. The cause of the crisis was failure of American Mortgage Company. The effect has spread all over the world; however the world seems to be recovering. This is not the first time that the world has suffered such a crisis. There was the great depression of 1920s. The point that is in people’s mind; economists, politicians, and social scientist is how they can prevent the occurrence of such a crisis in future. Among the many recommendation brought out, there is the role that education can play. Our education system can be moulded to educate students and society in general on how they can prevent such an occurrence in the future. Secondary school life is the initial stage that …show more content…
The principles that the young adult develops are likely to effect the spending that he will adopt in the future. Spending is a behavior that can be controlled through molding process. One personality determines the behavior of an individual and thus when developing personality attributes that support good financial decisions should be instilled in the young adults. The behavior, the attitude and the mode of operation, the character, and the values that the person holds are defined by one’s personality (Ambachtshee, Beartty & Booth, 2008). A personality is developed from an individual’s internal and external surroundings. It is the one that distinguishes an individual among others.
Behavior Modification
Early childhood exposure has a large influence on somebody’s behavior. If a child has been born from a family of spendthrifts he is likely to be so in his later life. Approaching the behavior at high school level can assist in changing the instilled behavior (Park, cona, & Fingess, 2008). It is appreciated that human beings develop a certain mode of behavior from factors arising from socialization right from childhood and these follow him to adulthood. Our values, beliefs, and morals are largely influenced by the society we live in, culture, and hereditary factors. Societies have different mechanisms that are geared toward re-enforcing certain behavior deemed acceptable. However, as human beings interact with each other,

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