The Evolution of a Creator Essay

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Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is a novel filled with unique and in-depth characters. Throughout the chapters, Victor Frankenstein progresses from an ignorant and simple man to a mad man with chaotic actions. His supposedly innocent studies turn into an obsession for power and science. His thirst for authority forces him to abandon both his family and his childhood. Creating such an abomination possessed a terrifying quality that could possibly ruin everything that he had built up to. After creating the monster, he soon realized that it was the beginning of an end. Frankenstein’s actions unraveled his healthy lifestyle, creating a chaotic mess of ignoble deeds. Victor’s psychological downfall destroyed both his life along with the lives of …show more content…
“Such were my reflections as I commenced my journey; but as I proceeded my spirits and hopes rose. I adherently desired the acquisition of knowledge” (30). Frankenstein’s desire for knowledge becomes so overwhelming that he begins to obsess over the semantics of life as well as the mysteries of the unknown. This sudden inspiration sparks a macabre passion inside of him as he proposes a new thesis: can God be the only creator? “The power of giving and taking away life has always been a sacred one attributed to God” (Jones). Perhaps his sudden change of character is what lead to his eventual termination. Over the course of the novel, Victor evolves from a dedicated scholar to a mad man who becomes more focused on his ambition than his life. “As I applied so closely, it may be easily conceived that my progress was rapid” (35). Frankenstein made himself sick by obsessing over the minute details of this monstrosity so that he abandoned everything he once believed. The sudden grasp of power drove him away from his family as he secluded himself from the world. “When I found so astonishing a power placed within my hands, I hesitated a long time concerning the manner in which I should employ it” (38). Once the monster was constructed, chaos and depression exploded throughout the town. He thought about starting a new species of this monster where he found be seen as the ultimate creator, a position reserved for God.

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