The Existence of Myths Essay

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Human society basically need to seek for sufficient psychological fulfilment. In order to achieve this fulfilment, myths are made as projections of people's deep unconscious will (ex 1. 4). Jung found a fact that myths frequently repeat themselves similarly, even in different parts of the world, which leads him into a conclusion that there are inherited insights in people's unconscious minds (ex 1. 1). These corresponding notions that people have in their mind is further called as collective unconscious (ex 1. 2). The collective unconscious is necessary to be expressed, one of the means is by expanding it into myths (segal joap 604). Similarly, Jung also believed that in order to achieve the wholeness of life, people need to vent their …show more content…
Which mainly are the identical mind structures that are inherited and are common for each and every person (steven javsi 47). For instance, a baby who was just born would immediately seek for his mother and similarly, the mother would like to make a contact with her baby as soon as possible. This condition was interpreted by Jung as the embodiment of archetypes in people. As soon as the baby was born, he would be drawn to his mother archetype (carter oj 445). Thus, in the beginning, everybody has the same pre-configurations in his or her mind. The ones that differentiate people's various personalities are their individual experience. The archetypal potentials that are already embedded in each person are developed and activated by the individual experience to reach their own personality (steven javsi 48). In this situation, myths exist in order to help people realise their unconscious and develop their archetypes more. Such in mythical fantasies, they arose from subconscious ideas that pushed themselves out of the unconscious. The characters exist in the myths resembles people themselves and the story lines resembles the archetypal projections. This was used by Jung to prove that myths are not just some sort of allegorical explanation of physical happenings. Within myths are the psychological facts that lies in people's unconscious (ex 1. 4). Thus, myths present in order to bring the realisation of unconscious to

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