Essay on The Great Depression: A Nation Standing Strong

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The Great Depression was the start to a dreadful economic crisis in the American History. On October 4, 1929 a day that goes by the term “Black Tuesday” the Wall Street stock market collapsed, creating massive unemployment and pain throughout America. Many thought that this depression would only be minor, but they were wrong. This turned into a “major depression”(Who Built America? 392). Many lost their jobs and homes and farms, banks, and factories were shut down as well. The Great Depression was the turning point in American History. Although the Depression did create massive unemployment and the drought in the southern states that came not too far after it did destroy land, President Frederick D. Roosevelt came up with some plans to dig …show more content…
However, another event that occurred within the Depression was “The Dust Bowl” and this had an even worse affect on the American people. To add to the pain and suffering of the depression, a drought came through the Great Plains in 1934 (Who Built America? 402). Those “Plain States” that were hit suffered from massive soil erosion and other agricultural issues. “Normal rainfall did not return till 1941. Farm income plummeted between 1929 and 1932 as wheat prices sank 50 percent and the price of raw cotton fell by more than two thirds.” (Who Built America? 402) Due to this crisis, farm families did not have the income to pay mortgages, taxes or loans. The drought brought dust storms to the “Plain States”. This first document (1st URL) shows a picture of the dust storm that hit Colorado in July of 1936. This document clearly shows the devastation that one dust storm can have. Any and everything in its path could be destroyed, whether it was farms, homes or even people. However, the worst storm hit Kansas destroying half of its wheat crop and hit Nebraska destroying all of its wheat crop, children died from exposure to this dust storm through suffocation, leading this hard hit are to be called, “The Dust Bowl” (Who Built America? 402) This second document (4th URL) shows a picture of farmers applying for Work Progress Administration drought relief. The WPA was one of the largest second New deal programs introduced to help aid people

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