Essay The History of Information Retrieval

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Nowadays, information is the cornerstone of the modern enterprise and the web became the largest and most accessible information resources. The ability to gather, arrange, manipulate information with computers has given practice as well as for business people in order to manage information in an effective way. Information retrieval is a process and techniques of searching and interpreting information in order to store the data for easy retrieval when needed. The development of information retrieval systems is reviewed from its early history to the present time. The article entitled “Seven Ages of Information Retrieval”, written by Michael Lesk explained about the history or the beginning of information retrieval based on the imaginary of …show more content…
Second people who I think give an impact in this article is Warren Weaver. Based on his biography, he started his career as a teacher of mathematics. After that, he became a foundation executive when he accepted the post of director of the Division of Natural Sciences of the Rockefeller Foundation. He is considered the first person to propose using electronic computers for the translation of natural languages. In a 1949 memo, he proposed that statistical techniques from the field of information theory could be used to enable computers to translate text from one natural language to another automatically. Weaver is thinking most on cryptography especially during the war and he suggested the methods of translation.
Bush has set a goal to fast retrieve of information and he target that it will achieved by 2010, sixty-five years later. Based on the author, Vannevar Bush’s paper is begun with hypertext while Warren Weaver’s paper is begun with research in machine translation. Both of these people are the parent of information retrieval. From my understanding, the reason why author relate the Bush thinking to Shakespeare’s ideology of seven ages of man which is starting from infancy and leading to senility because to give a better understanding about the transformation of information retrieval. I think this a good way to describe the transformation of information retrieval.
In term of theory, Bush envisioned just

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