The History of the Typewriter Essay

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There are many tablet PCs, portable electronics and variety of technologies to help people to communicate and share opinions or thoughts now. How about the past? People drew, scratched, painted, engraved and finally typed their stories or thoughts. The typewriter was the first machine to write in history. Among many typewriters, IBM Selectric I typewriter was the most revolutionary one. Selectric typewriter was not only a step stone for the next typewriter generations, but it also was a big part of historical event in feminism and the speed and the convenience of the model helped the work-force in the history. There could not be computers, iPads, or many other electronic items without the history of typewriters, especially the …show more content…
The invention was a collaborating work of designers, engineers, some professors and many researchers. It was the revolutionary technology breakthrough in the typewriter industry. Selectric Typewriter was designed by Eliot Noyes, a notable 20th century modern period American architect. He was a Harvard-trained architect and industrial designer born in 1910. His biggest project was the IBM Selectric typewriter and he was not only designed products for IBM, but also designed building for IBM: the IBM Aerosphere building in Los Angeles, CA and IBM building in Garden City. Noyes pushed the modern design ideal of simplicity of form, and was known for his belief that “good design is good business.”
The Selectric I typewriter was available in wide-range of colors with round edges and sleek design. The elegant design characterized the blend of corporate character of IBM and product form that Eliot Noyes made. The ribbon on the Selectric was specially designed to fit into a cartridge so that the user did not have to touch the ribbon itself. The ribbon moves back and forth as part of the print mechanism, and the user can easily change ribbons as well as print elements. The major investment was making for the unique parts, and no competitor could challenge IBM's patents and the manufacturing skills. Therefore, the Selectric remained as a unique product for over a decade. The Selectric technology was the inspiration for further development of

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