The Holocaust: Denial of Life is Wrong Essay

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Denial of Life is Wrong

What if people said your life never happened? People who lived through the Holocaust have to live with Holocaust deniers saying their life never happened. Holocaust survivors find this hurtful. If someone said your life never happened you would be just as mad as the Holocaust survivors. This is why Holocaust deniers are wrong because there were concentration camps, people lived through it, and there are artifacts from the Holocaust. After the Holocaust there were leftover concentration camps. Some people go to concentration camps such as Dachau and Auschwitz. How can Holocaust deniers say that the Holocaust never happened when people like Marshal Breger visited a camp from the Holocaust? “Marshal Breger, a
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Eva Kor is a survivor of the Holocaust that is willing to talk about what all happened to her during the Holocaust and how her life was before and after.

Zoe Johannsen asked Eva Kor “How was your life before and after Auschwitz?” and Eva Kor answered with “First of all we lived in a very small village, a very peaceful village, with about a hundred families, we lived with my parents and two older sisters. After arriving at Auschwitz I did not have a family, I did not have food, I did not have rights, there is no comparison, one is hell that you are trying to survive, and the other is life. (I)
Zoe Johannsen asked Eva Kor “what was Auschwitz like?” and Eva Kor answered with “life was an every moment challenge, surviving was a full-time job, you could not let your guard down for one single moment. I stepped over dead bodies daily. Food was very, very little. The conditions in the barracks were atrocious, filthy, and crude. It was a modular horse barn converted into living quarters for inmates with three story high bunk bed infested with rats and mice. (I) Why would Eva Kor waist her time talking about the Holocaust it never happened. She would not just make up this stuff because she was bored and needed something to do. If you were Eva Kor how would you feel if people said that you were lying and that never happened? You would feel awful just like Eva Kor. Eva Kor has to go through life with people say it never happened. I

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