The Invention of Writing in World Civilizations by Either Focusing on Mesopotamia and Egypt

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The invention of writing was the beginning of information revolution in which it allows ideas and news to be conveyed in a distant place easily without having to heavily reliant on the messenger’s memory. The invention is valuable and crucial in ancient world civilizations such as Mesopotamia and Egypt as the writing systems recorded information such as the amount of agricultural crops as well as information relating to religion and government correspondingly. As a matter of fact, scientists had used writing as one of the “markers” of civilization. Hence, the main aim of this paper is to explain further on the writing invention focusing on ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt which their writing systems have different formations, structures, …show more content…
For instance, the ground plan of a simple house might portray the word for "house” and this is what we called an ideograms while on the other hand, to represent the sounds, phonogram is used; sign-words for concepts that cannot be conveyed by a simple picture which is best represented by the “rebus principle” (Parsons, no year).

Hieroglyphic script could be written in horizontal lines running from right to left or left to right and it also can be written in vertical columns running from top to bottom. In addition to this, there are no punctuation marks or spaces to indicate the divisions between words plus the arrangement of the glyph was solely based on the artistic considerations (Ager, 1998). Besides that, hieroglyphic script could be either carved in hard surface or written in ink where over time, it became more confined to religious texts on temples and monuments or to official royal decrees. Upon seeing these temple and other religious inscriptions, the Greeks called the script hiera grammata", the sacred letters," or ta hieroglyphica", the sacred carved letters (Parsons, no year).

The other form of Egyptian writing is hieratic. Hieratic is an adaptation of the hieroglyphic script i.e. it is a more cursive form of hieroglyphics, the outcomes of signs being simplified by a quickly hand drawing on a sheet of papyrus with a reed brush. Such simplified signs include reduction of common signs to a simple stroke and smaller signs would become mere

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