The Legal Drinking Age Should Remain at 21 Essay example

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Teen drinking is a huge problem today in America. Statistics show that teens are starting to drink younger and younger and that is a huge problem that if not corrected will be catastrophic. How long will we allow underage drinking to plague our society? How long until enough is enough and someone stands up? If something is not done soon it might be too late! It seems like every time one turns on the news there is a story about a teen being killed or injured due to alcohol. Teen drinking has gotten worse and worse over the years making one think why isn't the government doing anything real to stop this epidemic. The laws that are already in place are obviously not working so the government is just not doing their job. Parents are …show more content…
I think punishments should be much stricter on all the laws now. New laws should also be brought in that will ease a change over to younger drinking if that should occur. I think that if someone is caught with a fake ID they should have to pay a thousand dollar fine and up to five years in jail. If a teen is caught under the influence in public or driving that their driver license be removed till they are at least twenty-five and that it permanently stay on their record. The responsibility for what goes on in that house is the parent's, not the child's (Hosking E6). They play a major role in this deadly mix. Parents have the duty to warn their kids how bad alcohol can be for them. They have the responsibility to punish their teens when the teen is caught with alcohol. Unfortunately too many parents don't do either of those. Sometimes it is because the parent are alcoholics so the teen is raised in it and gets use to the alcohol so they follow in their parents footsteps. This creates a deadly bloodline that ruins generations and kills many in its wake. Then there are the parents that are too naive to see what they are doing. A good example is the parents that buy the alcohol and try to slowly expose their kid to it. This ends up making the kid more thirsty for the alcohol that they have been given so they think it is okay to go out and party. They get used to it and want more and more partying and binge drinking till it completely overtakes

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