The Life and Legacy of Shannon Miller Essay

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The Life and Legacy of Shannon Miller
Did you know there is a female gymnast who is ranked higher than any other females and even males in gymnastics? This woman’s name is Shannon Miller. If you have never heard her name mentioned you are about to. Shannon was born in Missouri, grew up in Oklahoma, took up gymnastics and later became a World Champion and United States Olympic gold medalist.
Shannon Lee Miller was born on Thursday, March 10, 1997. Coming into the world was not all that spectacular. She almost came in without a name. Ron and Claudia, Shannon’s parents, along with other daughter Tessa lived in Rolla, Missouri at the time. Her parents had been tossing around names but could not settle on one. Even in the delivery room they had
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Then Claudia realized Shannon had a future in gymnastics.
Shannon was only five years old when she began gymnastics. Her parents had just purchased a new trampoline, and Shannon had a profound interest in it. “She was always outside jumping around and flipping on that trampoline, I guess she loved it,” Shannon’s mother said. Her parents were astonished with her acrobatic skills, but they worried she might get hurt or tear up something. In order to surprise her, on her fifth birthday her parents signed her up at a local gymnastics center called Adventures in Gymnastics. They only picked this gym, because it had been the only one to return Claudia’s phone calls. Both of the Miller sisters were put in the gym at the same time, but only one of them liked it. “My mom put my sister and me in the gym, because she thought we could use the instruction,” Shannon told people. Though she had other talents, Shannon preferred to do gymnastics.
Shannon began competing after she was put onto the United States Association of Independent Gymnastics Club’s, (USAIGC), junior elite team. Even though they did not compete, the team went to many camps and clinics in order to better their skills. Shannon’s family did not know at the time they were making a lifetime commitment to gymnastics. Her first big trip outside of the United States was when she went to Moscow, Russia to train in the summer of 1986. An American coach who was there on the tour

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