The Life and Work of Mary Crawford: A Feminist Psychologist Essay

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Mary Crawford is undoubtedly one of the greatest and most influential feminist psychologists in history, a first responder, in the uphill battle against “womanless” and anti-feminist psychological practices. She has achieved high accomplishments, as well as endured many hardships, and has fought to secure equality for women and to improve the lives of women all across the globe. Crawford is an accomplished author, her work spanning a diverse range of subjects; in articles, research, and several books. Crawford has received several awards for her accomplishments, which includes the Distinguished Publication Award from the Association for Women in Psychology (Korostoliev 2012). Crawford’s accomplishments did not come easily, but with her …show more content…
A male student scoring the second best SAT score in her class was admitted to Harvard, however, she describes her disposition as grateful considering she was the first of her family to attend college (Crawford 2001). Although her observations of traditional gender roles and sex-discrimination did not directly influence her decision for her first college degree, we will see a feminist develop shortly after her first college experience.
Mary Crawford married at the young age of 18 (Crawford 2001). Crawford became pregnant and a mother of two during her time at West Chester State College while studying Music Education (Korostoliev 2012). After graduating, Mary found her life as a music teacher rather unfulfilling (Korostoliev 2012). Crawford soon had divorced and found herself facing life on her own, as a single woman, which brought her great struggles (Korostoliev 2012). The difficulties Crawford experienced as a single mother and her intrigue with powerful women, coinciding with the beginning with the second wave women’s movement undoubtedly brought her to a major turning point in her life and influenced her to make a change (Korostoliev 2012/ Crawford 2001). Crawford was admitted to study Psychology as a graduate student at the University of Delaware and thus, her journey to becoming a game changing psychologist began (Korostoliev 2012).
Mary Crawford developed a relationship with her current partner, Roger Chaffin, during graduate

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