Essay on The Matrix Is Becoming a Reality

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The Matrix Is Becoming a Reality

In the science fiction movie "The Matrix" people are ruled by Artificial Intelligence (AI), machines made by men to make life easier on the human race. This form of industrialization has also begun in our world today. We have given birth to a host of machines that think for themselves, hoping they would make our lives easier and less taxing on our bodies. In the movie the machines have taken control of the humans and rule over them by hiding from them the real world. In today's society machines have begun a hostile take over of the lives of humans. Ironic, is it not, that in the movie, and in our lives today, machines have become rulers over the humans who made them.
In the time when the movie takes
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The living humans merely lived out what they thought were their real lives, not knowing that they were powering their own enemies through a war. Ironic that the humans became slaves to those they created as slaves is it not?
In the modern world we find humans churning out new inventions constantly. AI is one of the most recent of these inventions and was invented for the sole purpose of making the lives of humans less hectic. However, different duties call for different machines. For example, the machine inside your automobile is not as "smart" nor as quick as the one inside a government-spec supercomputer. Recently humans devised a way to interconnect the thoughts of these machines and to allow them to hook up to and "speak" with one another. This wonder of the modern world is called networking. What if a few of the "smarter" machines found a way to network themselves together through this web of computers? They could begin to change the chain of commands going in and coming out of other machines, in effect taking control of those machines. Considering how much impact machines have on the daily lives of humans, could these smarter machines not bring the world to a sudden standstill? Think what would happen if machines began to make their own commands and would not allow even the slightest input from humans. Our lives would soon be governed by what the machines told us to do. You wouldn't be able to

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