The Mechanisms of Lightning Essay

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I. Introduction
Lighting is a great mystery to many. Many do not know the origin of lightning bolts nor their true strength. Lightning bolts are produced from opposite fields interacting. This can result in dangerous bolts that can have devastating results. The bolts have the capacity to injure many things, including appliances, people, forest, etc. However, although these bolts can have dangerous affects, there are prevention techniqies for lightening. These procedures can protect you, loved ones, and property. With lightning come many myths. These myths can endanger people by giving them completely wrong information. However, some myths are ancient and involve rituals of the gods. Lightning is complex in formation, protection, and
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This process can occur quickly. Ribbon lightning occurs when the stroke moves sideways, either by wind or movement of the lightning channel. This pattern will break a bolt of lightning showing every stroke after another, similar to a ribbon. Finally, rocket lightning, which is uncommon. This discharge moves vertically to and from the cloud; looking as a jet leaving its flame behind in the clouds.

IV. The Damage and Protection from Lightning

The danger of lightning can go to a great extreme from knocking out a radio communication, to destroying houses and killing people. When a lightning bolt makes contact with a person, fifty percent of the time it doesn?t result in death. The reason being is that lightning is such a high current of electricity that when it makes contact it hits and escapes the flesh in a matter of seconds. Cardiac arrest, temporary blindness and deafness are just a few ways lightning can affect a human. To avoid things like this from happening, when a storm is close stay away from water, windows, and conductive materials (cars, airplanes, etc.).

When a tree is struck by lightning the liquids inside automatically turn into gas. This gas runs underneath the bark or near the center of the trunk. As the result when the bark is struck, the tree will be missing a piece of various sizes. When the gas travels to the center of the trunk, the tree usually is destroyed or little is left.
When a house is hit by the lightning an electrical

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