Essay about The Message in Super Bowl Commercials

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The Super Bowl is America’s most viewed telecast. But why do so many people watch the Super Bowl? Who are these people watching the Super Bowl? What makes the Super Bowl unique when compared to other events being telecast on national television? Is it the because we, the people, enjoy watching professional athletes collide with one another on a major stage for the entire world population to observe, or is it because major companies such as ,Coca-Cola and Snickers, shell out millions and millions of dollars for an entertaining, thirty-second ad that will potentially reach a population of over a billion people? Well in reality it’s both. And though we may or may not fancy the teams participating in the Super Bowl or remember the final …show more content…
With the help of music in the background and progressively becoming more intense as the scenes continue, the pivotal point is upon us when Tomlinson is on that stage, given the football by his teammate, running, and is tackled by Polamalu. A flashback to their childhood is presented as the boys fall back on their beds laughing,. We return to present day with the referee blowing his whistle. Both players get up, Nike‘s phrase “Leave Nothing” appears, they congratulate one another, and run back to their specific team. Through cultural reinforcement a person, much like myself or my younger sister, is able to understand the message that is being presented by Nike to the general population. That message being that an ordinary person with enough determination, blood and sweat, will achieve their ultimate goal. And if I or anyone else would like to be like or the next LaDainian Tomlinson or Troy Polamalu I will do so by buying and wearing the Nike brand. But it’s the small detail that lets the viewer put the big picture together. The commercial begins with a close up of a sonogram, and a fetus kicking about. But at this point we don’t know whether the fetus is a boy or a girl. The following scene is of a newborn wrapped in a blue blanket that has been placed in a new born nursery at the hospital. At the this point we understand that the fetus is boy. But how do we realize it’s a boy? The pivotal blue blanket.

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