Essay about The Most Hateful Words; Hearty Forgiveness

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“I hate you. I wish I were dead…” are the words of Amy Tan, which are included in her essay “The Most Hateful Words”. The hatred is directed to her mother, with whom, she had a turbulent relationship. The sixteen year old Tan talks about never being able to forgive her mother for all the injustices she had to endure. Tan and her mother didn’t have the greatest relationship, however at the age of 47, Tan saw herself forgiving her ill mother. Forgiveness should be learned and practiced by all, rancor is a heavy burden to carry and can turn a person into a miserable being.
Tan’s essay is compelling to forgiveness. She is a prime example on how carrying around anger and sadness can make a person cold and bitter. Tan describes herself as
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Carrying those emotions for thirty-one years takes a toll on a person. Tan was so open to forgive especially because of her mother’s words. “Together we knew in our hearts what we should remember, what we can forget.” Tan’s relationship with her mother can be described as abnormal but the forgiveness brought it a bit of normality.
“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”(Mahatma Gandhi). Forgiveness is not about the person who apologizes, but it’s about the person who receives the apology. When I person decides to forgive they should do it for themselves. Forgiveness takes time and immense mental capacity. A person has to be very mature in order to forgive. When younger, it was hard for me to forgive others. I couldn’t understand why anyone would try and hurt me. The answer is simple, it called being human. It is a bit cliché, but nobody is perfect. Another reason why forgiveness is important is having perspective. If you were on the other end, would you want to be forgiven? In addition, if you live with negativity you will become negativity. I think it’s easier now for me to forgive because I know it’s better for me as a person. It makes me the better person. Forgiving is not forgetting. It gives you the power in deciding how others will treat you. Allowing forgiveness does not mean you will allow being hurt again. Contrary, it shows strength. Many have the misconception that once you forgive a person everything goes back to how

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