Essay on The Music Evolution and Jazz

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Jazz comprises of a wide range of music from the ragtime to the present music listened to by many people. The music evolution has taken roughly 100 years and jazz has been put in this particular evolution as one of the music styles today. In the definition of jazz, there is no actual definition of jazz because it a composition of very many music styles hence making it hard to get the required definition that would describe it fully. Attempts being made to define jazz have a basis of traditional music that have similar characteristics as jazz but not real jazz. Using the American or African music examples, the researchers argue that the definition is very broad and wide. Ernest Berendt one of the researchers says that jazz originated from …show more content…
He actually sees jazz as the beginners of music style in the music industry. That is why he says that it shapes the voice of an individual who has the objective of performing the art of music. The jazz artists have been confronted to say what actually the sing, but one of the famous jazz artists by the name Duke Ellington said jazz is just music meaning that he could not define it himself despite that he was a jazz artist. This has made the complete definition of jazz music a hard task to the researchers and the jazz artists and dancers. The jazz listeners properly have no idea to what the listen to though they listen to the music passionately.
Talking of improvisation as one of the elements of jazz music, it has been witnessed that improvisation has a significant importance in the jazz music performance. This is attributed to the greater influence of the early music forms such as blues and folk music which originated from the work songs that workers used to sing as a form of entertainment or to pass a message to one another in the slave land of America where Africans worked as slaves at plantation. These songs consisted of repetition call and response pattern to the singers of the songs. This was also very applicable to the blues where improvisation

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