Essay about The Negative Aspects of Competition Today

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The Negative Aspects of Competition Today
Competition should not be enforced because it makes people feel too much stress and like winning is all that matters, makes the event too intense and no fun, and It makes people feel less skilled and lowers self-esteem. Competition does nothing but bring down a person and cause way too many problems in life. Winning and berating someone else is not all that matters and having fun in the event is. Competition should not be enforced because it makes people feel too stressed and feel like winning is all that matters. “Competition is not inevitable part of human nature, that it causes anxiety and shame, that it creates disabling stress that inhibits performance, and that it fosters aggression and
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It brings on stress and not feeling good enough. Competition should not be enforced because it causes the event to be too intense and not fun. “Competition also has a pejorative sense, even in American usage. It may be nature’s way, as Charles Darwin proposed, but only when we conceive of nature as a jungle.” (Wilson Quarterly 4) If competition was nature it would be a jungle. It is a nasty thing, think about being in a jungle how intense it is and that is being compared to competition. Pretty sure that is crazy and not a fun thing to be involved with. “Competition may not be the law of death, but as the law of the marketplace and the radically individualistic people who populate it, it distorts and unhinges our common lives.”(Wilson Quarterly 4) It takes over your life every day to compete with someone else. Nobody wants this taking over their lives! It is crazy how competition is worth this to so many people! I don’t get why people choose competition over happiness and fun.
“It’s worth remembering, at its root, the word competition actually means “to seek or strive with.” True competition, as he sees it, describes striving with our opponent, fighting hard to draw the best out of each other, not simply hoping for a win regardless of circumstances. That’s how Chris Evert, when asked to the name the favorite match of her career, could

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