The Negative Consequences of Weight Regulations in Wrestling Essay example

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As a wrestler in high school for three consecutive years, it is certain from firsthand experience that the efforts to end wrestling’s number one adversity are often neglected. I myself participated in over half of the illegal procedures to reach my weight class because even though the new rules served as some deterrence, they had little authority over my actions on nights before matches and tournaments. I asked my coach if he ever did anything similar when he wrestled in high school, and he said that sometimes he wouldn’t go home after practice because his mom might have forced him to eat. The nights before a match were even worse in that, despite his disciplined fasting, there was always some six pounds he had to shed. It was on …show more content…
The pioneers of modern wrestling from the mid twentieth-century set the bar that has become an obsession for the generation of today to match. These young wrestlers sincerely believe that weight deprivation is not only advantageous, but also necessary, which is why changes to the rules are seeing less than adequate results. If the root of the problem is psychological, the solution cannot depend on a wrestler’s personal decision. Before, coaches may have had little or no reason to pester wrestlers who appear to be following the weight-loss regulations, but it is now time for them to break stereotypes by feeding their wrestlers. Of course, it isn’t reasonable to force the athletes to gorge themselves because wrestling will always be a sport that requires some weight supervision; however, there is also a great need for the management of nutrition fluctuation as well. Hiring someone such as a sports nutritionist might seem a bit like overkill, yet the South Canterbury Olympic Wrestling Club experimented with the idea, and the results were phenomenal. Coach Peter Berry said that everyone was able to attend a competition at his true weight without having “to go through what had happened in the past” ("Wrestlers control weight."). Athletes will still be able to drop a little weight without any negative effects, and the coach’s expectations of wrestler’s to stay nourished for the betterment of the team will soon rewrite the notion that dropping weight is

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