Essay on The Peachy Artist of China

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While in 19th century, when the western artists were actively engaged in art works of their own heritages, there had been very few Asian artists stand out to present Asian arts. However, at the time that we started to see masses of Chinese painting showing in museums, people began to be aware of the name ‘Hung Liu’ because her art work was unique and impressive due to her Chinese culture background. Hung Liu’s art works mostly aim at Chinese woman and prostitutes. She is fond of painting Chinese women’s body because she considers the women’s body as a powerful symbol and she tries to give people an image of what Chinese women look like and how strong and beautiful they are through her painting. Thus, Hung Liu’s art works become famous for …show more content…
Overall, Hung Liu’s body art painting makes her and her art work unforgettable to people from different nations. The most remarkable paintings she did often relate to portraits. An example is “Peaches” (Figure 1), which is a portrait of a Chinese prostitute that she painted in 2008. It was based on a real historical photograph of a prostitute she found in Beijing in 1991. Hung Liu didn’t put herself work on this painting, which means this painting is not made by own. However, this painting shows her most personality and style. In this painting, she uses masses of colors like yellow, slight red and pink, which are all bright colors, to cover up the sadness of a prostitute would reveal. Even though the girl in the painting may not feel that happy and bright, Hung Liu
(Figure 1, “Peaches” h: 14 x w: 10.5 in) designed her that way. She wants to show the happiness of the girl, not sadness. It is ironic that how a prostitute could be happy and that bright. Moreover, the way she painted makes the girl look like more cold blood and with no feeling at all. The birds, flowers and peaches are appeals that she wants us to notice about. She uses these factors such as fruits, birds and flowers to wake up those people who feel insipid to the nature around them. Hung Liu once said that she did “Peaches” as if she painted a reflection of herself. It is because she had gone through a real harsh time during the Chinese culture revolution in

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