The Physics Of Water Travel Essay example

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The Physics Of Water Travel

Plumbing is something all of us take for granted. We use it everyday freely and never think about how exactly it woks. Why can water travel up through pipes defying gravity? How can all that pressure be stored that always seems to be waiting for you at the very moment you turn on the faucet? How does water accelerate and slow down without much external help from us? These questions are often unthought of but are very interesting.

To understand how plumbing works we must understand some basic principles of water flow. At the physics website at U.V.I. college a professor offers a great example of some of these basic principles. He explains water travel in terms of a river and how it flows. If a leaf is
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However, when using pipes the relationship is a little different. Now that we have the fluid contained we find that the greater the pressure the deeper the water and the slower the velocity. For example, when you have a pipe with flowing water you have given that water some force. The force carries the water through the pipe at various speeds. We find that when the pipe decreases in size the flow rate or velocity speeds up. Then the pipe widens again the velocity is decreased. The pressure changed from the wider area of first entering the pipe to the narrow area where water flowed through quicker. This is due to the change in depth of the pipe. As the pipe became smaller its depth decreased causing the pressure entering the narrow region to push th water faster. If we think of some one pushing on a stone it is easier for the person to move the stone when the stone is smaller than when it is huge because it has less mass. Well the same is true in this instance. As the pipe decreased in size its like the rock decreasing in weight wich makes it easier for the water to flow. And since the water has an apllied pressure the pressure increases water flow because the resistance to that given pressure has decreased. I am struggling explaining this one. It reads like our physic book. Its all greek. Any how this is how water travels in streams, resivoirs, rivers, and even the ocean.

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