The Poor Feeding the Poor in America Essay

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It is time for the United States of America to revamp the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP), commonly called the food stamp program. When a family, whose only means of support is the government, is able to enjoy a more luxurious diet than the family who helps to fund the SNAP program through taxation, there is a problem. The people of America are known for their generosity. If asked, very few Americans would refuse to feed the poor, but resentment begins to corrupt one’s feelings of generosity when one is coerced to give more of what one earns to the poor than one is allowed to keep for oneself.
According to SNAP guidelines, a family of five with no income is eligible to receive $793 per month with which to purchase food.
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If this family did not pay for child care, its expenses would be approximately $2,049 per month, still leaving almost nothing for food. No matter how much the family cuts back its expenses, it is very unlikely that there will ever be $793 available for purchasing food. This family, which receives no government aid, ends up with a much smaller grocery budget than the family whose budget is funded by the government.
In order to correct this injustice, the United States must find a way to meet the nutritional needs of the underprivileged without raising them to a level of luxury that is unattainable to many of the tax payers who fund the food stamp program. As a country we are morally obligated to ensure that our fellow citizens do not starve. However, we are not obligated to supply them with luxury foods that we cannot afford to purchase for our own families. A very simple solution to this dilemma would be to model the SNAP program after the WIC program.
The WIC program supplies its recipients with a package of foods specifically designed to meet their nutritional needs. Rather than handing the participant what basically amounts to a blank check as the SNAP program does, the WIC program gives its clients a very specific list of healthy, nutritious foods from which to choose. For example, a WIC recipient is able to purchase cereal, but the cereal must contain a minimum of 51% whole grains and must have a fat content of less than 6.5g. In contrast,

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