The Positive Effects of Marriage Essay examples

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If you are looking for a long and healthy life, marriage may be one of the answers. According to many resent studies, a happy marriage can improve emotional, psychological and physical health. For many years, scientists have continued to document the “marriage advantage”: the fact that married people, on average, appear to be healthier and live longer than unmarried people (Parker). So it is true that being married can benefit your health.
As stress is the main factor in any illness, we know that too much unmanaged stress is bad for our health. Researchers believe that married couples work better as a team to handle stress. For example, the married couples may share the tasks of running a household, earning money, and raising children.
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Being married can really benefit your health.
Another reason married men and women tend to live healthier and longer has to do with money, and it is true that financial stability has been shown to improve people’s health. It’s no doubt that married couples have better health, and wealth than people who never marry. It is because married couples tend to have higher incomes, save more, and get more Social Security when they retire than unmarried couple. On an average, married people live healthier lifestyles, check on another’s health, and have more wealth, which all probably contribute to better health.
Many people believe that married couples are more likely to be overweight than non-married couples. One reason for this increase in body weight is that upon entering into a marriage, one’s motivation to maintain an attractive body weight decreases. Craig and Truswell (1988) claim that marriage may lead to higher food intake, which will cause more weight gain. Marriage may cause to change activity levels as well. According to many researches, individuals engage in costly time-consuming activities such as exercising more than married couples do.
It may be true that some married people do tend to put on weight, however there are many single people who put on weight through the years as well. Married people tend to improve their health behavior. For some reason, people make better choices once they are married. This could be due to feeling responsible for another person or

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