Essay about The Pre-Service Teachers Program

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Findings The collected data was coded into three themes. These themes service as the characteristics of a PLC, the project question. However, the degree of agreement varies among the participants in some themes. The emerged themes are:
- Work in a team to discuss and share experiences.
- Develop teachers' abilities in preparing, implementing and reflecting on their practice.
- Involve students in their learning to improve their achievement.
Teamwork and peer coaching
The followed procedures helped the participants to discuss and share their experiences and practice. The teachers had the opportunities to sit together in four focus group sessions. These sessions aimed to enhance peer interaction and collaboration. Khaled asserted that
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Khaled noted that
I learnt new things during the focus group meeting. Now I am able to plan my lessons effectively. The 5 Es model helped me to change my role from being teacher to become facilitator for the cooperative learning group. The provided studies were helpful for me as trainer. I prefer to be provided with such studies. I suggest that we should have such lesson and meeting every week. (Focus group, Nov 26, 2013).
Participating in observing lessons helped in developing my skills. Many obstacles were disappeared as I start planning my lessons. The researcher helped me by presenting the 5 Es model. Using games was a good strategy to enhance my performance. (Interview, Dec 17, 2013).
Ghazy in the focus group (Dec 10, 2013) described the effect of the study group on his performance as "helpful". He added
Planning lessons helped me a lot in managing time. I become aware about what I teach and when I teach it. I also plan the appropriate activities and use the appropriate aid. I started using different teaching methods. (Interview, Dec 18, 2013).
Mohammed thinks that participating in the study group added to the both theoretical and practical sides. He said
I think this study will help me discovering different types of methodology (focus group, Nov 19, 2013). Planning lesson in an appropriate way helps me in teaching the lesson. It empowers me

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