The Problem with Marijuana Essay

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The Problem with Marijuana

The use of marijuana should be regulated and taxed by the government, whether federal, state or local. That’s what governments are for. It is a great mistake to allow the entire industry of marihuana, from beginning to end, to be conducted as a black market, without any control or regulation. It is the role and function of government to regulate the traffic in any material that is deemed to be hazardous in any way, and it is also the role of government to lead the way in the research of hazardous or controversial materials.
Education must be the pillar of any policy of control, not legal sanction.

To maintain the position that such a policy is useless, since the use of marihuana is to be stamped out
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The lessons from the prohibition of alcohol are so obvious: in the first place, when the Government of those days had the happy notion of simply outlawing the use of alcohol, they at least realized that nothing less than an Amendment to the Constitution would be required before they could assume the authority for such an arbitrary act of power affecting people’s personal lives. The argument against prohibition is the same for both alcohol and marihuana: leaving the industry in the hands of an outlaw black market, rather than having it taxed and regulated, turns out to be an incredible mistake, with negative social consequences everywhere you turn.

No matter what you think of alcohol, making it a criminal offense to consume it does not represent the enlightened way to deal with the problem. The only politically correct way to approach a problem such as alcohol is to educate the public, perhaps most especially the youth, to a full and clear understanding of the nature, risks, and possible consequences of the use of alcohol.

The use or abuse of alcohol, marihuana, nicotine, caffeine, theobromine, sugar, or any other hazardous substance should be considered a health issue, not a legal issue. It is one of the functions of Government to

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