Essay about The Relatability of Julie Jordan in the Carousel

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Julie Jordan is the main women focused on in the musical Carousel. With that said she is the only character in the show that is not unlike her real world counterpart. Julie fits a stereotypical mold of women of the time but not character women of the time. Her character is intrinsically an antithesis to all other characters surrounding her. Small choices and actions set her unlike those of made by women in the world of the play allow her to become instantly relatable to the women of 1945. In Carousel one follows the journey of Julie Jordan and she discovers men, family, and her place in the world. Around Julie one is introduced to characters such as Carrie Pipperidge, Billy Bigelow, Enoch Snow and many more. Each other these characters …show more content…
Her character created a new mold for what women could appear like on stage. The 1940s served as an important mile stone in the feminist movement. During this change in the crusade women went from pursuing equality of men to now preach the hate and general desire to destroy men. With war times came women who wanted to continue participating in the work force. Ideals such a Rosie the Riveter appeared and created uproar in both men and women of the time. Although the intention was for women to now be asserting their new found strength over men, it weakened the feminine force supporting the movement. Many women feared that now with the idea presented that woman could and should be present in the workplace they would be required to earn their own way through life. Women of the time rejected this idea. Even educated women of the time did not want to be forced to support themselves when they had never experienced being a workplace and now had grown up in a world where they have depended on men. With the character of Julie women of the time could see fight to remain dependent on a man because of the fear one would experience having to think of life without one. Julie was in an abusive relationship but overall it was a relationship indeed. With these current events causing women to fear independency, they could relate and envy Julie for wanting to stay in any relationship to avoid having to face the unknown fear of the real world. Women of the time had no desire to

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